How to Have a Successful Rush Week

Fraternity Spring Rush is upon us here at Texas Tech, so here are our top 5 tips for a successful rush week!

Tip 1: Figure out what you want from a fraternity

This is the absolute first thing you need to do when looking to rush a fraternity. Is your main focus brotherhood, or is it simply connections? Do you want to join a group of like-minded individuals, or do you just want to be a part of something? Do numbers matter to you? These are just a few questions you should ask yourself before deciding to join a fraternity.

Tip 2: Don’t try to act like someone you’re not

Some people will spend the entire rush week just trying to impress the actives, whether it’s by faking their personality, bragging, or just being over the top. Presenting a fake persona like this will do nothing except ensure that you don’t get a bid. Instead, focus on being yourself and finding people who you enjoy! Find people who are like you. This will ensure that you are the most comfortable you can be throughout rush week.

Tip 3: Spend as much time as possible with your choices

Two brothers hanging out

In the moment, rush week may feel like its taking forever, but once its over, you realize just how short it was. If you want to be sure about the choice you have to make, then you should spend as much time as you can hanging out with the actives, figuring out what each individual fraternity is about, and getting to know those around you. This is simply the only way to really understand what these fraternities mean to their members.

Tip 4: Don’t focus too much on a fraternity’s letters

You should go into rush week with an open mind. Don’t focus on a specific fraternity just because you want to bear their letters. Remember: no fraternity owes you a bid. Instead, find a fraternity that you will be proud to join. This brings us onto our next tip…

Tip 5: Find the fraternity that best matches yourself

By following the previous tips, you should have a feel by now about how you fit in with each particular fraternity. Maybe the fraternity you pictured yourself in before rush week wasn’t the best fit. Maybe the best fit for you is the smaller fraternity in the very back corner. Back in the first tip, you were asked to figure out what you want in a fraternity. Use that guideline to match yourself up with the best choice. And always remember: just because a fraternity is right for someone else doesn’t mean it’s right for you.

By utilizing these tips, you are sure to find the fraternity that best fits you!

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