About Us

Sigma Phi Delta is Texas Tech’s only Social/Professional fraternity for engineers.

What does “Social/Professional” mean?

Being a Social/Professional organization means that we have the best of both worlds. Like other social fraternities, we offer plenty of events throughout the semester, from mixers with sororities and other social groups, to formal and semi-formal dances. But unlike other social fraternities, we offer many opportunities to get ahead in the highly competitive field of engineering. We do everything from resume critiques, to study groups, to exclusive info sessions with various engineering firms.

By being a Social/Professional organization, we are able to offer things that no other organization on campus can!

Our Chapter

The Beta-Pi chapter of Sigma Phi Delta was founded at Texas Tech University on May 5th, 2015. Despite being one of the newer IFC fraternities at Texas Tech, we are growing strong. We are also one of the fastest growing chapters of Sigma Phi Delta internationally.

Though we do not currently have a chapter lodge, we have plans to acquire one by the end of 2021.

Pro Bono Professionis

For the good of the profession. That is our motto; that is what we stand for. Our ultimate goal as a professional organization is to “advance the interests of the Engineering profession and to create a greater spirit of Brotherhood among the students, faculty, and alumni of the various colleges and universities of the world.”


Like any other fraternity, brotherhood is one of the pillars of our existence. To us, brotherhood is an unbreakable bond, forged over time, and strengthened throughout every day. Despite the ups and downs, regardless of your situation, your brothers will always be there. They will always have your back.

As a fraternity, we aim to strengthen that bond of brotherhood among our members every single day.


Every year, we host a philanthropy event with the hopes of raising money to find a cure for ovarian cancer. Last year, we hosted a BBQ cookoff with Alpha Kappa Psi, and raised approx. $2100!